How much does it cost to travel round the world?

About traveling the world, one questions is asked frequently to the travelers. The question that is disturbing in its own rights, about the cost to travel round the world! How much did you save? How much did you spend? And at times, the associated opportunity cost.

I intend to write this blog post to urge nomads to be practical when it comes to expenditures and cost to travel round the world. And spend responsibly to enable long term travel dream to become a reality.

It is often said, travelling don’t cost your money! That is not truth though. Truth is traveling will cost you money but not as significant as your other activities. Tweak a little here and a little there about your expenditures and voila, you are equipped with the best financial health!

Before we round up the cost to travel round the world, we need to point out the major areas where you shall be spending money. Also note, round the world travel in a year will mean you traveling to a new destinations almost every other week. Since slow travel style does not suit this purpose, you may have to spend much for air-tickets. And do not forget to get yourself a reliable insurance policy.

cost to travel round the world


As we pointed out, your large chunk of expenditure shall go towards flights. Try to get a one way ticket. Fly on the weekends, at the off hours and use plenty of websites and apps (example: Sky Scanner) to get the best deal. Be flexible with your destination.

The time to travel

In case you are visiting a place that has historically experienced huge tourist footfall at a certain point of time (example, Summer in Paris or Festivals in Brazil or World cup in Russia) be prepared to shell out extra money. Everything will be priced higher up. That said, do not be disheartened. Try and balance your travel destinations. Choose off season destinations more just to save some money.


We suggest the best way to get acquainted with a city is by taking the walking tours or travel by public transport. In case you love activities and want to indulge in p. Skydives, snorkeling, dune buggies and ski slopes on a daily basis, be prepared to spend more.


For cheaper suggestion, try Couch Surfing. You shall get the opportunity to gel with locals as well. For a different way, look for dorm or hostels. If your budget enables, you can always opt for four seasons or higher brands. Airbnb is another great option.


If you are renting out a place, you will have the option to cook your own meal which is not only healthy but also cheap. For inexpensive regions like South East Asia, your daily meal cost should not be more than 1 to 5 USD. That is if you manage with street-food options. For expensive regions in Europe, price shall go up to 15 USD. However fine dining shall burn a hole in the pocket too.


For anything unprecedented, be it a political turmoil or a local situation or medical emergency, do have some savings handy. A credit card which is accepted by international payment gateways would not hurt either.

We have listed down all the possible expenditures and their occurrence. We have omitted the occasional indulgences every traveler opts for every now and then. With a detailed discussion with any veteran on the road, you get an estimate of expenditures ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 USD every year. Roughly, be prepared to shell out 2,000 USD every month for a comfortable journey. If you are skilled and can work on the go you do not have to worry for long term travel either.

In case you have been a world traveler and been exploring in a pre-fixed budget, let us know your trick. Every suggestion adds value and helps us travel and experience the world a lot better.

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

After completing his M.B.A in 2012, Sai the wizard beyond the travel blog Romancing The Planet was never interested to find a day job at the desk but instead set out to explore the world. 5 years later Sai has become one of the top travel bloggers in India and inspired many Indians to get away from desk jobs and become a digital nomad.

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