When On Road – My Round The World Story

No one but a nomad will know about the worries of a round the world travel endeavours. For the rest of the world it may seem fun! “Oh, you are a traveller!”or “Oh My God, he is going to travel round the world!”are the frequently passed remarks towards a traveller which hardly helps! As a nomad myself, I am here to help you with the woes of long term travel.

my story about round the world travel

It is not as rosy as it seems neither it is easy per say. It is as hectic as a full time job with the hustle of a substantial amount of travel being directed towards commute. But at the end of the day, the only silver line remains, that you get to travel round the world, you get to live the dream you had once. It only helps and is instrumental as an immense energy for those willing to embark on a journey.

The Homesick Days

Long term travel comes with its own downside. Often I feel home sick. I have been mugged and robbed on the streets multiple times. Been hospitalised on the go. Felt at sea because no one spoke my language and it is difficult to make friends with locals in some situations.

I ended up regretting buying the open air ticket. But it is okay. It takes me a bit of inspiration to get back optimism. More than often a book does the wonder for me. You can find your own poison and indulge.

The Depression

Many times this happened. I am witnessing the most magnificent sunset by a deserted beach. I am alone and the shore runs endlessly. Not a soul around. It may seem romantic more so in the photos. But being in the scene, I know, I felt lonely.

The profoundness of earth is capable to scare you off at times. I have rushed back to the quite homestay to feel even lonelier and needed some comfort desperately.

The phase is short-lived and generally music or a good night’s sleep helps. I also suggest try making friends with the local. Start keeping a hobby. Reading a book or creating a painting. It helps you to use the lone time productively and eventually making you prone to enjoy it in the process.


Even the most seasoned of the traveller freak out before the upcoming journey. Be sure about that. This is a human psychological behaviour, an expected reaction before the change happens and you step out of the comfort zone, even when travelling with a group or agency. So, you are not alone.

These days, I start to suffer from anxiety even before packing for homecoming. For me caffeine helps. Beyond that, brown noise is the last resort. Try music to calm the nerves.

Heart Break

More often than not, we travel to amend broken relationships. It heals, keeps us occupied and helps us meet new people. A lot of travellers get romantically involved on their journey and find the soul mate. But that is not all.

There is other side to the story as well. Partners leave, relationships fall out as people get to understand each other better. A heart break on the road may sound terrible but it actually helps one recover faster and instils an insurmountable amount of confidence! Trust in time for it shall help you surpass.

Now that you have read my story, I hope you feel a little better about round the world travel. We all have our good and bad days. We all have the own blues. Travellers are the best clan in the world, right now. They help each other without any question asked! What could be any better than that?

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

After completing his M.B.A in 2012, Sai the wizard beyond the travel blog Romancing The Planet was never interested to find a day job at the desk but instead set out to explore the world. 5 years later Sai has become one of the top travel bloggers in India and inspired many Indians to get away from desk jobs and become a digital nomad.

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  1. Sherab Tenzin says:

    Hi Rambow,

    You have sincerely brought out the other dark and not-so-good side of travelers’ lives which many people as you said glorify with so much good things. However, on other side, all those things are bound to happen even if we don’t travel. Traveling new places help to define ourselves with new perspective of life. Forget those and keep traveling bro. Remain blessed!

    Sherab Tenzin

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