How To Prepare For Round The World Trip

To travel is to explore the unknown, understand the unforeseen, adjust and adapt to situation unheard of and yet celebrate life to the full extent. As a traveler it is not preemptive to dream to travel round the world.

And keep in mind, round the world travel is not a vacation in true sense but it is a full time job.

However, once you are back home, we can vouch for the fact you shall not remain the same old self but change and appear as a mature, grown up person. And change through travel is good, if not excellent.

travel round the world

Let me list down the preparations or the essential how to list that will prepare you for the quintessential long term travel round the world.


As much as we love to quote “Travelling does not require money”, it is time to be real and practical and accept the fact, travelling does require funding. The funding needs to be managed practically.

In case, you are touring with money saved from your job, keep some aside for emergency.

If you plan to work as a freelancer, start early. While abroad, you may want to work as an English teacher or content generator or a bar tender to earn a livelihood and use the money to travel further.

Be Wise While Spending Money

Of course we are not promoting a frugal living but we strongly suggest before you indulge for the drinks at the bar or buy that expensive dress, think again. If the money saved helps you to travel further the next day, it is not worth it.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Long term travel round the world is possible when you pack light and possess as less of worldly stuff as possible. Travel like a digital nomad, with your gadgets. Rest of the stuff may be replaced with disposable and for instant use.

Sustainable & Local Style Of Travel

While travelling, be respectful of the nature and local rituals and customs. To live like a local, you need to be adaptive to the rules of the land.

That includes securing a stay in the home stays, often in the unheard of places. Eating like a local and taking part in the customs like a local provided they let you in. Most of the time, they will be more than eager to show you their lifestyle.

Learn a few words of the language. A thank you, a greeting and a firm no will take you to miles. And please, ditch the plastic. Be careful not to harm the ecological balance of the land.


An extensive research is always recommended about the new country you are visiting. Learn of the places where political dispute is abundant. As a foreign national you do not want to add to the ongoing disturbances.

Read about the visa policy, the exchange rates and possible currency centers. You must also carry a bit of medicine and prescription detailing the generic composition by a physician from home.

All the details furbished here come from my first hand experience as a traveler. I could make the list endless but sure many pointers can be derived through common assumptions.

The key is to be genial, respectful and curious at the same time. Your spirit is what will sail you afloat even during the trying time. Do not let that feel daunted.

In case you are a traveler and have experience in travel round the world, do let us know how you manage your schedule in the comment section below. We would love to assimilate your experiences.

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

After completing his M.B.A in 2012, Sai the wizard beyond the travel blog Romancing The Planet was never interested to find a day job at the desk but instead set out to explore the world. 5 years later Sai has become one of the top travel bloggers in India and inspired many Indians to get away from desk jobs and become a digital nomad.

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